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Selfless stweies: from left: Naomi of Bena Care, Thomas and Michelle of Habari Kibra, Angela Muiruri the host, Julie from the Somo Project and Anna and Njenga from Changing Faces Competition.

Ref: Superman Position

Nearly two-thirds of Kenya’s $50 billion economy is controlled by a tiny clique of less than 0.02% super-wealthy individuals. 46% of the country’s people live below the poverty line, surviving on less than $2 a day. This fact truly reaffirms the maxim that "enyewe Kenya

To fuckups & new beginnings

With the many ups and downs that life serves us, nobody can claim that they are always on top. If they do, run and run very fast in the opposite direction away from them. We live in an era where success is glorified while failure is talked of in hushed tones.  Society place

The Global Goals, 3 years on

In celebration of Social Good Summit Nairobi 2018 and three years since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (otherwise known as the Global Goals), it is time to stop and reflect on the past before reviewing where we're headed. In 2015, the global community ado

Business Showers – why not?

It's been a while since I last came across a tweet that was so provocative. It made me question a lot of things in me and whether I was being my brothers’ keeper. Was I telling my other circle of friends about his/her business or services? Was I following their busin

Apply to pitch at Nairobi Stew

Are you running or starting up a project or business to create change in our city? Would you like community support in making it happen? If the answer is yes, we’d love to hear from you! Nairobi Stew is a community dinner funding microgrants for community projects. 


On a Wednesday evening in early October 2016, we gathered with 60 of Nairobi’s aspiring changemakers into one room, courtesy of our supporters at Spire Education. Our intention was to tap into the collective wisdom of the great people of this city, to understand the impact

Art: A frame and a story

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” - John Updike At the Kijiji we believe that to inspire the bridegroom of creativity we must give life to beauty and in beauty find the intrepid mistress of ingenuity. Art confers the imagination o

Nairobi Stew – A Microgranting Community Dinner

Can we create change in our community? Lets start with a night of crowdfunding, music, food and community action! Nairobi Stew is a community dinner funding microgrants for community projects. RSVP here for the next edition on Wednesday November 7th and apply to pitch here.