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Apply to pitch at Nairobi Stew

Apply to pitch at Nairobi Stew

Are you running or starting up a project or business to create change in our city? Would you like community support in making it happen?

If the answer is yes, we’d love to hear from you!

Nairobi Stew is a community dinner funding microgrants for community projects. It is built on the belief that Ksh 500, four pitches, stew and a vote is all you need to make incredible things happen in your community. The Nairobi Stew series is inspired by the soup movement, which began with Detroit Soup in 2010 and has spread around the world since.

Pitching at Nairobi Stew entails explaining to the room what your idea is, what you would do with the money and how it will benefit the community. You then grab a bowl of stew, participate in the discussions and enjoy yourself. At the end of the night, once everyone has voted, the winning pitch gets the pot of donations from the door. 

Click here to submit your application. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

The money isn’t the only reason you should pitch your idea. Here are some others:

Access to resources – You’ll have the opportunity to access new networks, new relationships and open doors to collaboration. Tap into the many networks of people that are in our community.
An audience – Spread the word about your project to a new, supportive audience & raise your profile in the community.Volunteers – Many projects gain volunteers from the Stew, even if they don’t win!
Donations – Again, even if you don’t win, some ideas gain donations on, and after, the night.
Advertising – The pitched projects will be advertised on social media & may feature in press releases.
Feedback – Presenting at the Stew allows you to gauge opinion & discuss your ideas with others. You could gain valuable feedback and develop ideas.
No restrictions – There are no restrictions on what can be pitched and no age restrictions. In fact, only three rules apply…

– No technology can be used in a pitch
– The idea must be related to Nairobi. If you’d like to host Stew for another part of the country, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to support you in setting that up. 
– The winner comes to a future Nairobi Stew to report on the progress of their project.
– Anyone can pitch and we encourage people from all walks of life to have a go. You can pitch alone, in a pair or a group.

What is the process?

26th April 2019: Deadline to submit application

1st May 2019: You will hear from the Stew committee whether you have been selected to pitch.

6th May 2019: Come and practice your pitch with us and receive feedback on how to improve it.

8th May 2019: Its time to stew and pitch your initiative

Agenda for the Stew Night

17:30 Doors open. Come, find your seat, talk with your neighbour and learn about the presenters.
18:00 Introduction to Nairobi Stew, and then presentations. Each presenter is invited to talk about their idea for four minutes, and then the audience is allowed four questions.
19:00 Dinner & voting.
19:30 Announcement of the winner.

Venue: To be confirmed.

Apply here. If you apply after the deadline specified above, we will let you know about the outcome of your application for the next Nairobi Stew (it is held every three months).

*Photos were taken by Quantum Pixels Media.

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