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Business Showers – why not?

Business Showers – why not?

It’s been a while since I last came across a tweet that was so provocative. It made me question a lot of things in me and whether I was being my brothers’ keeper.

Was I telling my other circle of friends about his/her business or services?

Was I following their business page on social media sites and even going the extent of sharing their content?

Would I bargain just because we are buddies?

Had I helped them out with my technical capabilities if not financially?

These were some of the questions that kept gnawing at my soul. I’d forgotten that when you light a lamp on someone’s way, in one way or the other, yours brightens up also. It doesn’t have to be grand. Simple, yet impactful gestures could be getting them a book or forwarding an online article on entrepreneurship or informing them about forums such as the Nairobi Stew. The stew is a community dinner built on the belief that a donation of 500 bob, a bowl of stew and a vote can bring about change in our city. Four people will present an initiative that they are running to build a better Nairobi, and the winner receives the pot of donations as a microgrant to grow their initiative. It’s a night of raw presentations where projectors and powerpoint presentations are given a miss, and your story telling skills take centre stage.

Inform your pal of the Nairobi Stew and bring them there with you. Next time, it could be them pitching on that stage. RSVP here

Written by Kennedy Ngugi, intern at the Kijiji. 

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