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We’re always looking for talented change agents to join our Home.

At the Kijiji we believe that today’s greatest challenges will not be solved by one person or business alone. Hence, we work collaboratively with a diverse and passionate group of change makers who are turning their ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses.

The corner stone of our culture is rooted on our belief that bring together a group of highly motivated people who share a purpose, create an inspiring space and give them the necessary resources and freedom to work and you have created a magical environment where dreams and possibilities are a reality. We believe our first hire to our last hire is an opportunity to shape the conversation to make a different World. Hence, the development of our people is key and though we’re all driven by different aspirations, we share the same commitment to making sustainable and impactful contributions to Kenya and beyond.

The work we do is carried out to standards beyond best practice in an exciting environment where success thrives. The expert guidance, inspiration and service we offer our clients is all down to the people who work here.

Current Offerings

The following is a list of our current offerings: