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Art: A frame and a story

Art: A frame and a story

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” – John Updike

At the Kijiji we believe that to inspire the bridegroom of creativity we must give life to beauty and in beauty find the intrepid mistress of ingenuity. Art confers the imagination of possibility and the reality of practicality. Thus we are honored to have Uweza Foundation show case some of their beautiful art pieces with us this month. Each piece confers a certain familiarity to those who have grown up in Nairobi but to the new comer a sense of adventure married with nostalgia.

But beyond the aesthetic beauty lies the untold brush of the artist life and the incredible work Uweza Foundation is doing in Kibera: Creating a future for its kids.

So come visit us at the Kijiji and check out the Uweza Art Exhibition!

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